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The Executive Board is made up of seven representatives of Institutional Members from seven different States, elected by secret voting at meetings of the Association, for a period of 3 years. Representatives of those two member-countries which are not members of the Executive Board (generally, if the given election management body does not decide it otherwise, this representative might be the president of the given election management body), but are ready to organize a conference and/or a meeting of the General Assembly,  become the members of the Executive Board for that year, as provided by a resolution of the General Assembly.

Board members elect a President from amongst themselves by an open vote. His mandate lasts for one year, and he is usually the representative of that country’s election management body that organizes the following annual conference of ACEEEO. In case a member of the Executive Board does not hold a position at a national election institute any more, his or her membership is terminated in the Executive Board.

The Secretary General of the Association participates in all activities of the Board as a non-voting member. Board members usually meet twice a year to discuss project activities and conduct other business. At the discretion of the Board, other experts or Association members are often invited to these important meetings.


Current Board members:


5 Dr. Iurie Ciocan

Dr. Iurie Ciocan, President of ACEEEO

President of ACEEEO, Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Moldova

Mr. Arnis Cimdars

Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Latvia

Mr. Kazimierz W. Czaplicki

Secretary of the National Electoral Commission of Poland


Mrs. Irena Hadziabdic

Member of the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina

23 Ana Maria PATRU


Ms. Ana Maria Pătru

Chairperson of the Permanent Electoral Authority of Romania

Mr. Zenonas Vaigauskas

Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Lithuania

Mr. Stanislav V. Vavilov

Vice Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation