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The Secretariat, located in Budapest, Hungary is the permanent organ of the Association. The Secretariat carries out the duties entrusted to it by the General Assembly and the Executive Board. It responds to the needs of the Association's membership by organizing conferences, outreach efforts and other activities. Centrally located, the Secretariat is led by the ACEEEO Secretary General Mr. Zsolt Szolnoki.


Mr. Zsolt SZOLNOKI, Secretary General

Mr. Zsolt Szolnoki was elected by the General Assembly of the ACEEEO to serve as the Secretary General of the ACEEEO on the General Assembly meeting during the 20th anniversary conference of the ACEEEO. Previously he worked for the Association as the Driector of Operations. Mr. Szolnoki's Curriculum Vitae is downloadable from here.

Secretariat Staff:


Stepan AHIY,  Program Manager

Stepan is responsible for the program coordination and organizing processes in the Association. He is also responsible for managing the finances, taking care for the logistics of the Association's events. He is the head of the Editorial Office of ACEEEO's annual publication: 'Elections in Europe'. He is citizen of the Ukraine and he speaks Hungarian, English, Ukrainian and Russian.


Dr. Eszter BODNÁR, Project Manager



Eszter is an electoral law specialist. She is responsible for coordination of ACEEEO projects as well as for communication with representatives of member countries, partner organizations and coordination of international relations. Eszter prepares professional papers for annual conferences, seminars, trainings and other professional events of the Association and takes part in organisation. She is a native Hungarian, speaks English, German and French.


 To accomplish all the tasks voluntary experts help our work: 


Dr. István ZSUFFA, Program Director

He substitutes for the Secretary General. Istvan defines strategic goals, prepares professional discussion papers for the annual conferences and oversees programs especially in the field of political campaign financing and voter registration.


Dr. Márta DEZSŐ, Head of the Documentation and Scientific Centre

She liaises with the documentation centre of IFES, with Hungarian and foreign scientific institutions She also supervises targeted researches and scientific projects. Marta also prepares professional discussion papers for the annual conferences.


We would like to express our greatest acknowledgements to Dr. Zoltán TÓTH who was Secretary General of the ACEEEO from 1991 to 2011 and to the previous members of the staff of the Association's Secretariat: Ms. Orsolya NAGY, Mr. Máté RADICS, Ms. Kinga DOLINA and Ms. Anna SÓLYOM.