The Elections in Europe is published within the scope of the Association’s activity each year since 2004. Our journal, including scientific researches and subject matters, is based on practical experiences. The Elections in Europe has great importance for election experts, politicians and researchers of other countries with gathering together the electoral knowledge in a given subject from all over the world.

In the publication ofthe Elections in Europe we intend to
  • publish the professional experiences of different countries concerning the conduction and legal regulation of democratic elections
  • analyze the international legal tendencies regulating democratic political elections
  • improve the European election standards
  • present political, legal, organizational and technological mechanisms of the electoral procedure that promote equal opportunity for the participants of the election
  • outline the activities of the ACEEEO. 
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 Elections in Europe Volume X: call for articles

The 10th issue of ACEEEO's yearly professional publication, the Elections in Europe will be published in 2014. The Secretariat calls election professionals and academic researchers to send relevant articles in the topic of 'Participation of Women in Electoral Process and Public Life' and 'Planning of a General Election'.
This issue – in harmony with the main topics of our annual conference of 2014 – aims to analyse the current situation and the development of the last decades in these fields and to present best practices. Relevant articles shall describe the general overall situation or a special case within the frame of these topics.
The article shall not exceed the length of 4500 or 8000 characters (1200 or 2000 words). Articles shall be sent in English and/or in Russian to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Due date of collecting articles is 15 June 2014.