Welcome from the Secretary General of the ACEEEO - English / Russian

Vladimir Churov: A new step in development of international standards of observation over elections and referendums
Declaration of Inter-Parliamentary Assambly of CIS Member Nations - English / Russian

Richard W. Soudriette: The Role of the Courts in Safeguarding Electoral Rights - English / Russian

Anna Sólyom, Orsolya Nagy: VoteMatch Europe – pan-European on-line test with national peculiarities: Voters’ Compass for young voters and those who are undecided - English / Russian

Christine Mayer, Monika Mokre: Why Austria’s most successful vote match tool is now more important than ever - English / Russian

András Keil: Theses characterizing behavior of Hungarian voters - English / Russian

Vasiliy Moyseienko: Electoral activeness of citizens of EU member states at the election to the national parliaments and to European parliament - English / Russian

Eszter Bodnár, Attila Kaszás: Theory and practice of voter registration in Europe - English / Russian

Yevgeniya Yuriychuk: Legitimation Aspects of the Introduction of the Electronic Electoral Register in Ukraine - English / Russian

Tariel Sikharulidze: On Electoral Rights and Safeguards in Georgia - English / Russian

 András Szalay: Elections in Europe 2009 - English / Russian

Ministry of the Interior. Spain.: Current Spanish legislation on election campaign financing: European Parliament Elections 2009 - English / Russian

Tanja Karakamisheva: Paying for the European Parliament Votes: European Political Parties and the New EU Campaign Funding for the June 2009 Elections - English / Russian

V. Ye. Shevereva: On Legal Regulations of Pre-election Campaigning in the EU Countries and Ukraine  - English / Russian

Mikhail Baymuratov, Igor Slidenko: Parliamentary Electoral System: An Optimal Choice for Ukraine - English / Russian

Aleksei Lyalyuk: Comparative and legal analysis of the electoral systems from the perspective of their introduction in the national political and legal system - English / Russian

Aleksei Kolesnikov: Prospects for the Use of Targeted Electoral Technologies in Ukraine  - English / Russian

Ruslana Maksakova: Exercise of Active Electoral Right by Imprisoned Persons according to the Laws of Ukraine, Countries of EU, SIC and Baltic States: Problems of Constitutional and Legal Regulation - English / Russian

Andrey Lazor: Innovational Approaches in Building the Organizational Structure of the Representative Bodies of the Local Self-Government in Ukraine - English / Russian

Oksana Lazor: Legal Status of a Local Council Member - English / Russian

Anna Sólyom: Pilot Project for election officials: the collaboration project between the Instituto Federal Electoral, Mexico and the ACEEEO - English / Russian

Pierre Garrone: The Venice Commission: the Council of Europe’s advissory body on electoral metters - English / Russian

Anna Sólyom: 2nd European Parliamentary Election Evaluation Seminar, Budapest, 3rd July 2009 - English and Russian