Honorary members of the ACEEEO are individuals who provided extraordinary service to the Association in support of free and fair elections. Honorary Members have a non-voting status, but may fully participate in the Association's activities, including conferences and meetings of the General Assembly.


 The ACEEEO General Assembly granted honorary membership to the following persons:


Mr. Henryk Bielski, Counsellor of the National Electoral Office of the Republic of Poland;

Mr. Jeffrey Carlson, Former Programme Officer, IFES;

Mr. Marijan Ramušćak, Judge of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia;

Mr. Sabri Coskun, Former President of the Higher Council of Elections, Republic of Turkey;

Mr. Bengt Save-Söderbergh, Former President of the International IDEA;

Mr. Paul DeGregorio, Former Executive Vice President, IFES;

Mr. Mikhailo Ryabets, Former Chairman of the CEC of Ukraine;

Mr. Ilirjan Celibashi, Former Chairman of the CEC of Albania;

Mr. Alexandr A. Veshnyakov, Former Chairman of the CEC of the Russian Federation;

Mr. Richard Soudriette, Former Chairman of IFES;

Mr. Jean-Pierre Kingsley, Former Electoral Officer of Canada;

Mr. Sam Younger, Inaugural Chairman of the United Kingdom Electoral Commission;

Mrs. Livia Skultetyova, Director of the Election Department of the Ministry of Interior of Slovakia;

Dr Zoltán Tóth, former Secretary General of the Association of European Election Officials (ACEEEO).