Central Election Commission of the Republic of Albania  

Chairwoman: Ms. Lefterije LLESHI
Phone: ++355 42 53707
Fax: ++355 42 53707

Web address: www.cec.org.al
Address: Pallati i Kongkersere 7/1., Tirana, Albania


Elections in Albania are based on universal, direct and free suffrage and secret ballot. All Albanian citizens over 18 have the right to vote and are eligible to be elected. Parliamentary elections have to be held in one round. In the People's Assembly (Kuvendi Popullor), 140 members should be elected by proportional vote to serve 4-year terms. The President of the Republic is elected by the People's Assembly to serve a 5-year term. The prime minister is appointed by the president. There next election process is to be held in 28 June 2009.
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