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Season's greetings from ACEEEO

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Dear Members, dear Partners, dear Friends!


2018 was a busy year for us, and with the end of the year approaching it is time to review what happened in the life of the ACEEEO in 2018.

We can say that we have had an active time participating as well as organizing election related events. We have met many colleagues and shared our experience during the conferences organized by the Permanent Electoral Authority of Romania (Conference of free elections, Parliaments and Nation Building), the ICPS (16th International Electoral Affairs Symposium), the National Election Commission of the Republic of Korea (Seoul International Forum on Elections) and the Venice Commission (15th European Conference of Electoral Management Bodies); we have had the opportunity to observe elections in the Russian Federation, in Tunisia, in the Republic of Korea and in Armenia; we have commemorated the Global Election Day for the 13th time with various activities; and, last but not least, we have organized the 27th ACEEEO Annual Conference and General Assembly Meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania. There were 12 elections in the ACEEEO region and several conferences organized by our Members and Partners.

Nonetheless, the Secretariat is looking forward for active international involvement and further possibilities for joint actions in 2019 as well. Early next year we are going to have an outstanding opportunity to promote the importance of the EMBs’ mission by celebrating the Global Election Day (first Thursday of February), and later we will provide the opportunity to discuss relevant electoral issues at the 28th ACEEEO Annual Conference (17-19 September, Ljubljana, Slovenia).

As it is clear from the above mentioned, we have a long way behind us as well as a long journey ahead. This time of the year provides opportunity to us all to gather strength to carry on in our mission.

With the end of the year approaching we wish you all the best for the upcoming Holidays, and hope that you will have a pleasant time! We are looking forward to continue our cooperation in 2019!


Dušan Vučko

President of ACEEEO

Director of the Secretariat of the State Election Commission of Slovenia


Zsolt Szolnoki

Secretary General of ACEEEO