The 12th  Annual conference titled “International Election Standards in the Legislation and Practical Activities of the countries of Europe” was held in Moscow (Russian Federation) in 26-28 September, 2002.

During eleven years, the Association effectively realized the integration approaches to sthrengthening of the democratic institutions and protection of human and civil rights. It was no exaggeration to say that the activity of the Association, the only professional organization of election officials in Europe, contributes to the progressive development of the democratic electoral processes.

This conference provided the chance to meet colleagues from Europe and from other parts of the world. The ACEEEO prepared a draft document, the “European Convention on Election Standards, Electoral Rights and Freedoms”, which was discussed during the annual conference as a main document. The topic of remodelling of the existing European electoral standards in a format unified international document seemed to be in full correspondence to the political spirit of  those days and was foreseen capable to contribute for a new impulse in harmonising of international and domestic elections related to legislative landscapes.

The conference featured professional development workshops, panels of election experts, an exhibition of electoral equipment and services, an election history exhibition, and a Russian cultural event.