Afrika: Mr. Moussa Michel Tapsoba, President of the National Independent Election Commission (Burkina Faso), President of the Consultative Council of the AAEA; Experience of the Association of African Election Authorities (A.A.E.A.) in terms of installing network

Latin America: Mr Manuel Carillo Poblano, Chief of Staff of the International Affairs Unit, Federal Electoral Institute, Mexico
Global perspectives for associations and alliances: the Latin American case

North America: Mr Tony Sirvello III, Executive Director, IACREOT
Global Perspectives of Associations and Alliances

Asia: Mr Resurrection Z. Borra, Commissioner, Election Commission, The Philippines
The Role of Regional Election Associations

Australia: Mr Paul Dacey, Deputy Electoral Commissioner, Australian Electoral Commission
The Pacific Islands, Australia and New Zealand Electoral Administrators' (PIANZEA) Network

Europe: Mr Zsolt Szolnoki, Operative Director of the ACEEEO
Regional Election Organization