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ACEEEO: The first 15 years (István Zsuffa, Program Director, ACEEEO Secretariat)

Electronic Voting and the Future (Paul DegGregorio, Chairman of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission)

Gains and Risks when  Implementing E-Democracy  Instruments (Robert Krimmer, Founder of, Austria)

I-Voting is Here to Stay (Tarvi Martens, project manager of Estonian e-voting)

The design of the referendum process determines the quality of referenda (Andreas Gross, member of the Swiss delegation, Bureau of the Parliamentary Assembly, Council of Europe)

Referendums in Central and Eastern Europe (Vivien Parragi, Project Manager, ACEEEO Secretariat)

The Work of the Venice Commission in the Field of Referenda – Towards a Code of Good Practice for Referenda (Pierre Garrone, Head of the Division of Elections and Referendums Venice Commission, Council of Europe)

Global Tools for Referendums and Direct Democracy (Andrew Ellis, Head of electoral processes, International IDEA)

The History of referendums in Australia (Paul Dacey, Deputy Electoral Commissioner, Australian Electoral Commission)

Referendums: The UK experience (Sam Younger, Chairman, The Electoral Commission of United Kingdom)

The Spanish consultative Referendum on the Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe (Ana-Cristina López-López, Head of Scope of Electoral Co-operation Ministry of the Interior of Spain)

Legal-Constitutional Framework for Referendums in Hungary and their Practice after the Democratic Transition(György Szoboszlai, Member, National Election Commission of Hungary)