On the Plenary Sessions on Professional education of electoral actors the following presentations were delivered:

Election and Education – Need, Experience and Prospects (Arnis Cimdars, Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Latvia)Professional Education in the Russian Federation ( Stanislav V. Vavilov, Vice Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation)The Venice Commission and training in the electoral field in French ( Pierre Garrone, Head of the Division of Elections and Referendums of the Venice Commission)The Importance of Electoral Education: A Practical Perspective to Educating Election Professionals ( Jean-Pierre Kingsley, President of IFES)

Professional Education of Election Management Bodies in Bosnia and Herzegovina ( Suad Arnautovic, Member of the Electoral Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina )Presentation on International Center for Electoral Training and Research (Manuel Carrillo, Chief of Staff, International Affairs of the Federal Electoral Institute of Mexico)