On the Plenary Sessions on Ensuring Security of Elections, the following presentations were delivered:

Policing and Elections: What European Standards? (Pierre Garrone, Venice Commission, Council of Europe)

Law Enforcement in the Electoral Process (Santiago Villaveces, International IDEA)

Elections and the role of law enforcement agencies (Sam Younger, UK Election Commission)

Guidance on preventing and detecting electoral malpractice (UK Electoral Commission Publication)

Cooperation practice between election authorities and law enforcement organs (Kazimierz Czapliczki, National Electoral Office of Poland)

Role of the Police in the election procedure (Dr Zoltán Bolcsik, Hungarian National Police)

Safeguards in the Hungarian election process (Emília Rytkó, National Election Office of Hungary)

Security of electoral materials (Beata Tokaj, National Electoral Office of Poland)

The role of the law enforcement bodies in the elections security assurance (Stanislav Vavilov, Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation)

Securing safety and authenticity of election documentation (Siyabsakh Shapiev, Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation

The Role of Law-Enforcement Bodies in the Security of the Election Process (Francisco Javier Guerrero, IFE Mexico)