Why voter lists?

An important precondition of exercising the right to vote is the registration of voters and, as a result of it, the composition of correct and accurate voters’ lists.

In the new democracies several reasons are why the registration of voters bears deficiencies. These deficiencies may have political reasons but in most cases the inadequate legal framework and public administration are behind these problems. Dealing with problems like citizens not registered in any registry, dead people in voters’ lists, the rights of mentally disabled, citizens abroad, soldiers, prisoners and double voting is essential in the democratic election administration process.

Who are the targets?

Election officials in the Central and Eastern Europe are the primary target group of the project A broader public consisting of public administration officials, scholars, lawmakers, researchers, NGOs can also benefit from the results of the project.

Who implements the project?

The project is a joint effort of ACEEEO Secretariat, ACEEEO member organizations, NGOs, independent experts and researchers. In-depth analysis is to be prepared in 6 countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Macedonia and Moldova. Local election authorities, researchers, monitoring NGOs will be also involved in the implementation.

What is the project exactly about?

In the first step ACEEEO will prepare a comprehensive and theoretical analysis of voters’ registration, collect the legal norms of its member states regulating this issue and also collect the practical experiences of its member states and make an in-depth analysis in four countries. The second step will be the preparation of a document concentrating on the best practices and the ways on how to achieve the preparation and updating of reliable and accurate voters’ lists. ACEEEO will also organize a global conference on the registration of voters. In the last phase of the project, a final document will be prepared on the above mentioned issues.

What are the benefits of the project?

The first beneficiaries of the project will be the local partners, who will have a chance to analyze and evaluate their own voter registration systems. The results of the comparative research will be discussed first among researchers, than on the global conference and on the project’s website among professionals. The final outcome of all the research and discussion will be published in a manual, which will contain the typical problems and their solutions. The collected knowledge will provide a solid basis for international training material.

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