The Handbook on Voters Registration in Transitional Democracies has been published in December 2010

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The Association of European Election Officials ACEEEO believes accurate voter lists are essential to developing and maintaining the integrity of democratic elections. The release of this handbook coincides with the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the association in 2011.

It is important to acknowledge the many organizations and people who made this handbook possible. ACEEEO is immensely grateful to the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) which provided the grant for this handbook. The association gratefully acknowledges the support and assistance of Mr. Roland Rich, Executive Head of UNDEF, and his dedicated staff who helped to make this handbook possible.
Appreciation goes to the ACEEEO Board of Directors and member countries who supported this project and provided information contained in this handbook. The association expresses its gratitude to the ACEEEO Voter List Project Advisory Board and its dedicated Secretariat staff. Special recognition goes to the principal authors of this handbook Dr. István Zsuffa and  Gyula Rádi who worked diligently in writing this important work on voter registration.Our special acknowledgement shall go as well to the Central Election Commission of Georgia and to the Central Election Commission of Moldova, primary implementing partners of this significant regional study, who assisted the ACEEEO with their expertise and restless commitment.

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) provided key assistance and overall support that made this handbook possible. ACEEEO expresses deep appreciation to IFES President/CEO Mr. William Sweeney for his personal support and to the many IFES staff members who contributed invaluable research and information.

Appreciation goes to Handbook Editor, Richard W. Soudriette, and to IFES Editor, Bella Desai, who worked together on final edits on the handbook.
Additional appreciation goes to Mr. Sam Younger, Mr. Ákos Zsuffa, Ms. Eszter Bodnár and Attila Kaszás for their contributions to this handbook and the entire voter list project. The ACEEEO acknowledges all of information and support provided by other organizations such as the International IDEA, the Centre for Diplomacy and Democracy, the OSCE-OHDIR and the Venice Commission.

Dr. Zoltán Tóth
Secretary General
Association of European Election Officials