International Conference of ‘Electoral Management in the Republic of Moldova: Evaluation & Perspectives’
(Chisinau, 2-3 November 2009)


On 2nd – 3rd November 2009 an international conference was held in Chisinau, Moldova, to give an overview of the past elections of the Republic of Moldova. International and domestic election observers, international organizations, political parties and representatives of the Media participated in the two days’ evaluation discussion.

The following main subjects were discussed:

·        proposals of changes and amendments of the Electoral Code

·        enhancing the professional skills of the EMB, especially on the local levels

·        challenges and a strong need to develop an accurate voters’ register


The Conference was a good opportunity to change experiences and discuss the implementation of ’Developing accurate voters’ list in transitional democracies’ project, granted by the United Nations Democracy Fund. As it is already stated in previous reports the project is carried out in ACEEEO member states, and has a special focus on 6 member countries. These countries are preparing in-depth analysis on their system of voters’ registration. (These country case studies are prepared in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Macedonia and Moldova).  

The evaluation Conference in Moldova was a good opportunity to discuss many details of the project, and it emphasized important problems of the registration system of Moldova and also called the attention to the necessary training facilities for the staff of the local offices of the Election Management Body.

Mr. Stepan Ahiy gave a presentation on the Conference on the current projects of the Association and highlighted the importance of this ongoing two years project on voters’ registration. He had personal meetings with the President of the CEC of Moldova, Mr. Stirbu and with the vice-president Ms. Renata Lapti, and with their colleagues. Important details of the in-depth analysis writing were discussed during these meetings as well as the important role of the CEC of Moldova in hosting the upcoming partners meeting of the project in April 2010, in Chisinau, Moldova.

Moreover, the president of the Central Election Commission of Latvia also participated on the event and Mr. Ahiy had the possibility to discuss the process of preparing the country case study with him too.