on “Developing accurate voter lists in transitional democracies”
9 June 2010, Bucharest

The main goals of the workshop were

  • to inform the ACEEEO Member states and UN about the first phase of the project
  • to know more how the MSs prepare their voter lists (country reports)
  • to exchange practical experiences
  • to discuss on the second phase of the project by introducing one chapter of the Handbook.

It was very interesting to learn how the MSs are preparing their voter lists, to identify the difficulties, weaknesses and to know more about the latest development. Each participating MS prepared a 5 minutes presentation about their practice. The presentation will be sent to the Secretariat and will be available at our web-page.

The UNDEF project is running according to the time-schedule. The first phase (Milestone 1) has already been finished. Two studies were prepared. The second study is a comparative analysis based on the questionnaires and case studies.

The second phase’s (Milestone 2) main task is to draft a Handbook based on the best practices in order to describe how to prepare and update accurate voter lists. During the workshop the content of the Handbook was introduced and one chapter was discussed in details.
The MSs representatives expressed their comments and advises concerning the future work. All contributions will be taken into account during the drafting of the Handbook.

The next General Assembly will be dedicated to this project (9-11 September 2010, Tbilisi Georgia) where the draft Handbook will be discussed in details. After that the Handbook will be finalised and published.

UN representative – Mr. Armando Martinez-Valdes – was satisfied with the progress and underlined the importance of the project. He stressed out that this Handbook will be used in other regions, as well.

  1. Member States not sending back the questionnaires are kindly requested to do it by the end of July 2010.
  2. ACEEEO Secretariat is also waiting for the written forms of the country reports on “How to prepare voter list” by the end of July 2010. (Bosnia – Herzegovina, Georgia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine).