Here you can download the case study titled The European Parliament: Elections to a Supranational Body  written by Andrew Ellis and Stina Larserud, International IDEA.

On 4-7 June, 2009 elections will be on the European Parliament in each of the 27 member states of the European Union. In 2004 the first European VoteMatch was launched, by answering 30 statements with ‘agree’, ‘don’t agree’ or ‘don’t know’ one could see what European party or fraction most met ones political preference. The European VoteMatch is still online at

VoteMatch Europe 2009 is an educational tool. It has the potential to promote European citizenship, to better inform citizens about elections for the European Parliament (EP), teach voters about the programmatic differences between the contesting parties and to increase the voter turn out. By realizing VoteMatch in all EU-member states not only a network between organizations in all participating EU-countries will be established, but also a platform will appear through which all users can get acquainted to the different opinions on all important European issues in the participating countries.It educates voters on the different stands and positions on issues between political parties.
Upon the invitation of the Dutch Institute for Public Policy and the German Federal Center for Political Education, the ACEEEO joined the VoteMatch in 2008 and intends to participate in developing the online version for the 2009 EP elections. The partner organisations will be trained in implementing the VoteMatch method. The training will deal with analyzing party manifestos, learning how to formulate theses, how to deal with publicity and technical requirements, bringing promotion in practice, how to maintain the website in campaigning times. All VoteMatches are planned to be online from the beginning of May 2009 till the specific election date in every country.
For more information on the project and schedule of its realization, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.