Follwoing the last EPE evaluation seminar that was held in Cardiff, UK in July 2004, the Association of European Election Officials organised the 2nd European Parliamentary Elections Evaluation Seminar in Budapest, Hungary, on the 3rd July 2009 with the collaboration of the Hungarian National Office.

The smooth and successful implementation of the European Parliamentary Elections is one of the most important challenges of the European management bodies, and not only in the year of 2009. A quick summary of the experiences always help to support the indispensable assessment work at a national and at the European level. ACEEEO's intention was to collect the problems and difficulties arisen and to start a long term research project with its European partners to suggest possible solutions to these difficulties.

On the Seminar, participants discussed the following main subjects:
- successful methods increasing voter turnout
- information exchange among the member states before the finalisation of the voter's lists
- information exchange of the results

All together 13 countries participated in the Seminar from the European region, mostly from the European Union member states, but also ACEEEO member states' election management bodies were represented that does not belong to the Union. Beside them 2 international organisations were represented on the event.

The resume of the difficulties arisen is available here.

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