Pilot Project for Election Officials in Cooperation with the Federal Election Institute (IFE) and The Electoral Court of the Federal Judiciary (TEPJF or TRIFE) of Mexico
As a consequence of two years continuous negotiations of the need of professional training for electoral management bodies in young and transitional democracies, in May 2008 ACEEEO, IFE (Federal Election Institute) and TEPJF (or TRIFE, The Electoral Court of the Federal Judiciary) agreed on launching a pilot project for election officials of the European and Eastern-European region.
During the last fifteen years of assistance and professional guidance for electoral bodies in the region, ACEEEO has committed itself to stand for democratic development and values, align with civic education for citizen awareness. In the last two years we started to develop a European regional educational center to help and assist professional education for electoral management bodies. This is the main idea that fostered the cooperation between ACEEEO and an international institution that is already an expert in holding international trainings for election professionals.
Beginning from 1993 to 2008, the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) has participated in 56 electoral assistance projects for 28 countries (15 countries from the Americas, 7 from Africa and 4 from the region of Asia). These projects have consisted of both technical assistance missions and workshops on electoral administration held in Mexico City for the benefit of visiting delegations. The TEPJF (or TRIFE, The Electoral Court of the Federal Judiciary), as the national partner of IFE and the other official Mexican election authority also takes part in the training processes. The participation in such pilot training, now with the mediation of ACEEEO, is finally opened for the Europen and Eastern-Europen region's electoral managment bodies too.
We trust that the cooperation between IFE, TEPJF (TRIFE) and ACEEEO will be fruitful for both parties as well as for the members of participant commissions.