Training for the State Election Commissino of Macedonia, February 2010

In 2009 no Commission participated in the program, due to the fact of some organizational challenges. In February 2010 finally the State Election Commission of Macedonia had the possibility to participate in pilot project that was designed for them upon their previously assessed needs. Between the 22-28 February Mr. Novakoski, president of the SEC of Macedonia, 5 members of the SEC of Macedonia, Mr. Branko Petric, member of the CEC of Bosnia and Herzegovina participated in the workshop. In the workshop Mr. Petric highlighted the different characteristic of the electoral system, legislation, etc. of Bosnia and Herzegovina while Ms. Anna Solyom also gave some presentation and emphasized the general approaches of the different topics of the workshop. The evaluation report of the SEC of Macedonia is available at the website. The training was a result of joint sponsorship of IFE, TRIFE, UNDP Mexico and ACEEEO.
The collaboration will be continued, as it is foreseen in 2010.
The final report of the CEC Macedonia is donwloadable from here.