The accurate voter list is essential for developing and maintaining the integrity of democratic elections. ACEEEO performed a project entitled How to Develop Accurate Voter Lists in Transitional Democracies in 2009-2010 granted by the UNDEF. The final result of the project was a handbook including practical guidelines for the electoral management bodies on the registration of voters and developing voter lists. A mobile expert team was also established to support the EMBs in improving their voter registration systems.

Since then ACEEEO organizes trainings to spread the knowledge-base collected under the frame of this program: trainings are designed based on a needs assessment of requesting countries so they can take effective measures to ensure that voter lists are constructed to ensure that all persons eligible to vote are able to exercise that right. Voter lists are the most important parts of election administration and ACEEEO understands the importance of a reliable voter list and regularly provides assistance to countries without effective voter registration systems.

Between 24 and 28 October 2011 election experts from the CEC Kosovo participated on a training focusing on the best practices of voter lists’ preparations. The project offered a 5-days training program hosted by the ACEEEO in Budapest, Hungary. Beside presenting and discussing techniques of how to prepare, update and distribute the voter lists in compliance with international standards, the training also touched upon the subject of boundary delimitations and its arising challenges.

Thirteen representatives of the CEC Kosovo and its and Secretariat, and two members of the OSCE mission of Kosovo participated in the training that was supported by the Department for International Development (DFID).