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25 ACEEEO Conference news - September 2016

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In one week we are starting our 25th Annual Conference in Tirana on 21-23 September, 2016. The registration for the conference will be closed on 15th September, 2016.

Make sure you participate in the most important events of electoral professionals in Europe and all over the world and register for the 25th Annual Conference of the ACEEEO.

The topic for the conference is ‘Development of Electoral Systems and Processes in the last 25 years’.

The concept paper of the conference and the draft agenda are available on our website. We are happy to announce, that the agenda is full with great speakers from different parts of the election world.

If you haven’t registered yourself, please follow this link, the registration process takes only few minutes. The registration form and lots of other useful materials are available on the ACEEEO's Conference page.

On the ACEEEO website you will find all necessary technical information including hotel offers, and other logistic issues.

If you have any questions or need further information please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat at

We do hope to see you next week in Tirana, Albania!





About SLI ComplianceSM

Every election, large and small, is critically important. That’s why you and your team take each election so seriously, you want to get it right.  So how can you be sure your machines, systems, processes and new technologies are ready, all at a reasonable cost?

SLI ComplianceSM is a globally recognized, independent voting system test lab with more than 14 years of independent testing experience in voting systems and process.  We understand the challenges you face when implementing new automated voting technologies such as DREs, OMRs, and internet based systems.  Testing these systems to ensure quality performance is the only way to build and maintain the confidence of voters.  This can be difficult when there are no testing or compliance standards in place.  SLI Compliance has a team of unsurpassed professionals to help ease the worry of election errors through a premier suite of voting system testing services including requirements development for certification testing.  With SLI Compliance, you can be confident in the accuracy and quality performance of your voting systems and components.

Our Services:

  • Voting System Standards & Requirements Development
  • Risk Limiting Audits
  • Logic and Accuracy
  • Election Procedures Assessment
  • Pre and Post-Election Forensic Analysis
  • Configuration Verification
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Electronic Poll Book Testing
  • Voter Registration System Audit


SLI Compliance is your best one-stop, independent testing choice. Our highly-qualified staff has extensive experience with multiple voting systems and components and has provided testing, documentation and source code review, independent assessments, and security audits for US State and Federal projects as well as the International Community.

SLI is an accredited Voting System Test Laboratory (VSTL) under the auspices of the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP Lab Code 200733-0) of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), in partnership with the United States Election Assistance Commission (EAC). SLI is also recognized as an International Certification Entity (ICE) by the Republic of the Philippines.  Additionally, under our ISO 17025 and ISO 9001:2008 accredited status, our voting methodology has been audited for compliance against strict NIST NVLAP standards and is utilized uniformly across our many projects.

For more information, visit
Contact: Traci Mapps, Director of Operations, SLI Compliance or 1-844-754-8683

Everyone Counts is leading the transformation of elections worldwide—from expensive, antiquated purpose-built hardware-based systems and error-prone manual and paper processes, to a state-of-the-art software as a service (SaaS) model. Our unique combination of proven technologies and deep election administration and voting expertise are raising the standard for election systems.

Everyone Counts’ goal is to increase security, accessibility and transparency in elections, while providing cost-savings to election administrators. We achieve that objective by pioneering the use of software combined with off-the-shelf commercially available tablets and laptops, and providing perpetually state-of-the-art election solutions for Voter Registration, Electronic Ballot Delivery with Optional Return, and Election Night Reporting.

In order to ensure that every voter that is legally entitled to vote can do so easily, privately, independently and securely - from anywhere - with complete confidence that their ballot was accurately counted, Everyone Counts has developed and successfully deployed secure digital absentee voting around the globe. Secure digital voting allows all voters to take part in the election process, even when they are away from home. Military serving overseas, civilians traveling abroad, and aid workers are just a few of the populations enfranchised by secure digital voting. Voters with disabilities are also empowered by digital voting, as tablets and computers are compatible with assistive technology, such as screen readers and sip-and-puff devices. The ability to vote remotely using technology is important to voters with motor impairments for whom traveling to a polling location is problematic, and voters with visual disabilities who cannot use a paper ballot without assistance. Our secure digital voting solution also allows for customization of languages, ensuring all voters can cast their ballot easily and accurately.

Everyone Counts has built a team of internationally recognized election administration and technology experts to develop eLect®‒the world's first and only perpetually state-of-the-art, universally accessible election administration and voting system. Used by voters in more than 160 countries, eLect has become the industry standard in security, integrity, flexibility, and reliability through its unique Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model. To learn more visit




‘Our Unlimited Election Essentials are made with The WILL of STEEL that is the reason we leave behind The MARK OF TRUST on the minds of our associates forever.’

A. Daga Steel & Industrial Corporation has been Designing & Customizing Election Products & Services, Since 1980. Catering to the largest democracy in the world – ‘India’, which has the most complex structure of conducting elections, requires a lot of skill and precision. A. Daga Steel & Industrial Corporation has a reputation of being the oldest, largest and the most trusted manufacturer and supplier to the Election Commission of India.

The Organization has unique expertise in the manufacturing and supplying of the following:

  • Ballot Boxes (Metal, Plastic & Corrugated)
  • Indelible Ink (Bottle, Pen & other applicators)
  • Ballot Paper (Various security features)
  • Voting Screens
  • Polling Booth (Corrugated Paper & Polypropylene)
  • Seal tags (Plastic & Metal)
  • Printed Stationery (Customized)
  • Hologram (Made to Order)
  • And other Unlimited Election Essentials.

With Consistent supply patterns and strict quality control, the organization has accomplished every order, on time. Therefore, it is the most reputed and preferred government supplier for the Election products that keeps the Secrecy, Secret.

As a reward for our excellence in consistency and delivery, the organization has received numerous accolades from various Election bodies within India and Rest of the world. The latest testimonials are as under:

“We especially would like to express our satisfaction with the quality of materials supplied and timeliness in your ability to deliver upon schedule.
We are very much looking forward for our future engagement that our agencies would have, so as to build upon the relationship we have established.”
Keith Lowenfield
Chief Elections Officer
Guyana Elections Commission
“The Ballot boxes exceed our specifications as they were manufactured according to International Standards and Specifications.  The Ballot boxed supplied by A Daga Group are widely used at the elections for Local Authorities, Provincial Councils, Parliamentary and Presidential Elections conducted in Sri Lanka from 2013 onwards.
Daga Group has been quite efficient in delivering the products at the shortest notice.”
Mahinda Deshapriya
Commissioner of Elections
Sri Lanka
“These boxes have invariable been of impeccable quality and have withstood the rigors of the Himalayas and the Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea and the supplies have always been on time.
M/s A Daga Steel & Industrial Corporation’s boxes continue to serve most satisfactorily for local bodies elections.”
J.M. Lyngdoh
Former Chief Election Commissioner of India


At Election Systems & Software, we pride ourselves in our voting machines, election management systems, and services that support democratic elections and each citizen’s right to vote.

As the world’s largest elections-only company, Election Systems & Software has provided election equipment, software and services that are used by U.S. municipalities and counties to help run fair and accurate elections for more than 30 years.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard, knowing that our products and services help maintain democracy in the jurisdictions we service. With ever-evolving technology and systems, designed to fit multiple voter and election law needs, we work to ensure accurate and fair elections for all citizens, an incredible responsibility that we take seriously.

Election Systems & Software entered the elections industry as a vote tabulation company, when the development of optical-mark reader technology was in its infancy. As our clients’ election needs have evolved, we have consistently expanded our offerings to provide high-quality innovation election solutions that improve the democratic process.

We understand and manage all aspects of the election process. From voter registration and ballot layout to Election Day reporting, ES&S provides our customers with the world’s most-robust election support.

Today, we not only work with many of the same customers we have served for nearly 40 years, our business has grown to service four nations and 41 U.S. states with more than 4,500 election offices.

Election Systems & Software’s visionary approach to election equipment, software and solutions has helped improve the voting experience throughout North America for nearly 40 years. We are committed to developing integrated voting solutions that improve the marketplace and are flexible enough to meet multiple jurisdictions’ needs and voter preferences.

Our customers are public officials who are responsible for administering fair and accurate elections. They have our steadfast pledge to support them and their needs in pursuit of serving our democratic voting process.

Our teams of passionate, knowledgeable, and talented election professionals work diligently to achieve a shared vision – maintaining voter confidence and enhancing the voting experience. We stand behind the unrivaled quality of our voting machines and systems, and we guarantee our service.

Providing our customers with trusted, quality, and timely election services and products is our purpose, our promise, and our passion.



Elections Calendar for ACEEEO Members

Type of election
Russian Federation
Parliamentary Elections
18 September
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Local Elections
2 October
2 October
Parliamentary Elections
8 October
Parliamentary Elections
9 October
House of People
15 October
Parliamentary Elections
16 October
R. Moldova
Presidential Election
30 October
Presidential Election
6 November
Parliamentary Elections
Macedonia Parliamentary Elections 11 December